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“Holland Yachts” is:
Your direct contact to shipyards:
We provide services to you on behalf of the shipyards
We introduce you to your dream yacht manufacturer, we organize your visit to the shipyard, reveal production secrets to you
Your professional partner:
Our advices are based on over 40 years of yachting experience
We are your permanent representative – before, during & after you purchase the yacht
Our international connections are nearly unlimited
We speak your language
Our services include:
Yacht selection: Helping you to choose the yacht of your dream
Yacht & shipyard visits: Arranging your visit to the shipyard/seller, representing your your interests in working out & signing the contract
Yacht registration: EU, offshore, worldwide registration
Yacht transportation: Bringing your yacht to the location of your desire (by sea – with the help of our professional captain, by truck, by shipping)
Yacht berth: Select your dream sailing area – we organize your berth
Yacht insurance: Arranging Customized Insurance for you (considering your sailing area, yacht registration, size of the ship, etc.)
Yacht crew: Hiring an experienced captain, crew members (from our own database or we search international databases)
Yacht service: Our “Flying Dutchmen” team experts attend every marina worldwide. For small service jobs we cooperate with local service companies and control the results.
Yacht training: International Yachting schools are our partners. Additionally to your liking Holland Yachts director Leo Neumayer personally will train you or your captain.
Company “Holland Yachts” is located in the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and the Adriatic.

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